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Saturday, March 15, 2008

What does shipping & handling mean?

I need to speak for a moment about shipping and handling charges and what, exactly, is entailed when you hear or see this phrase.

A common misconception is that a shipping charge is the price of the stamp or postage you see outside of your envelope or box. This is simply not true and buyers need to be aware that most sellers are not out to rip them off or rob them in this area. Shipping involves a number of items that the buyer may not even think to consider or may feel they are entitled to for free simply because they bought an item. In fact, those items cost your seller money that they have to pay for.

I will give you a run down of what is involved when I put ACEO packages together. The reason I take these steps are two fold. First, I care about how that item will arrive to my buyer. Judging by how my mail is treated, I can not and will not entrust the task of making sure a package arrives undamaged, entirely to the postal system. I must take precautions of my own. In essence, by purchasing my item, you have "hired" me to make sure your item is packed well and arrives in the same condition it left me in. Would you expect less? That said, if you would like for me to stop doing this, I'll gladly do away with the packaging, the envelopes, labels, bubble wrap, tissue etc. and slap a big ugly postage stamp directly on your newly purchased art work, throw it in the nearest mail box and hope for the best. I can guarantee you that it will either not arrive at all, or, on the off chance that it did, would not look as pretty as this nice photo of it you see in my listings. Plus, chances are good I would most certainly hear about it and probably end up with a negative rating.

Second, a well put together package will give you greater confidence in my credibility as a seller and as a professional. This greatly improves the chances that you will be satisfied with my product and shop with me again or refer me to a friend. I'm sorry but I'm not willing to comprise on either of these two points.

Before I give you a list of actual charges let me give you something to ponder. As it stands now, I am currently undercharging what it costs me to ship items and yes, it disturbs me that buyers consider my rates less than very reasonable considering what I am currently charging for an original work of art.

When a buyer purchases my work, I print a packing slip for both myself and for them. I print an original of the COA (certificate of authenticity) for the buyer and one for myself. I place a seal on the certificate and sign it. I then gather my mailing materials, which include and envelope, labels for mailing, tissue, bubble wrap, tape and a piece of card board. I print the mailing label and adhere it to the envelope. I also write "Fragile" on it with a smiley face as if this is going to bribe any postal workers with bad attitudes into handling this package with care but I hope for the best. I slip the cardboard into the envelope along with the packing slip and the certificate. The cardboard ensures that the envelope will not arrive bent. After all, I want that certificate to be unscathed, at least by me or the postal system. I then pack the item by wrapping it once in bubble wrap and then with an entire sheet of tissue. I then place it in a small, manilla envelope and seal it which then gets placed inside the larger envelope. The large envelope is sealed

How long do you think this takes me to prepare? "Handling" charges would cover for time spent doing this. Guess what? I don't charge at all for the time it takes me to do this for you. Think about what your time is worth to you and if you currently work for someone else, would you work for free? Do you expect your sellers to? If your employer accidentally didn't pay you for even 1/2 hour of the time you work, I'll bet you would notice and ask for reimbursement! I too work during the day but I try very hard to make sure items ship promptly and in good condition.

I am currently in the process of rethinking how I package my items and what I currently pay for these supplies. In the meantime, here is a price breakdown of my costs for shipping the ACEO pieces you see below and then ask yourself just how unreasonable my rates really are.

Average 1st Class Postage: $1.61 (ranges from as low as $1.23 to as high as $1.99)

Certificate: .34

Seal for Certificate: .10

Mailing Envelope: .25

Mailing Label .05

Label on back of art: .03
(this would be the signed and dated label that identifies the artwork with artist, date, title and medium.)

Cardboard: .45 (so your certificate doesn't get bent)

Tissue Paper: .12


Currently being charged: $2.50

What I loose: -.45

Please be careful the next time you feel shipping is unreasonable and consider all that you are receiving in return.


Warm, compassionate, tender and kind, the love of my sisters is the tie that binds.

This piece was created in loving memory of one of three sisters who has died of cancer. Beloved will be presented to a mother for her birthday on St. Patrick's day from a daughter as a memorial of the one they still love but have lost.

I know the heartache of loosing someone, actually 2 people, to cancer in a short period of time. You feel like your heart is breaking forever! I still feel the pain even 4 years (almost to the days now) later.

There is nothing like family ties. I hope you will cherish those if you have them because they will not last forever. When there is no one else, family will always be there to lift you up, brush you off, kiss the wound and send you out into the world again armed with renewed confidence and strength. If nothing else, you have their love, warmth and faith in you. Kimmie, may you and your family find peace.


Faith is the treasure she bestows upon me, its untold magic is an endless sea.

Let this fairy of hope give you faith and guide you in times of struggle. She is lovely and delicate as she stands and ponders. Decorated with roses and set against oranges and purples she offers up inspiration to you. This fairy is part of the limited edition series in the Tre Fairy Parfait collection.

Clicking the photo will bring up detailed images of the card. For your chance to own this lovely item, click My Etsy Store.

Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Charm ~ Tre Fairy Parfait Collection

She captivates us with her spell, this whimsical creature, nature's belle.

What comes to mind when you try to define charm in terms of the fairy realm? I hope I have captured that sense here. This dimensional and very charming ACEO is appropriately called Charm. This darling fairy sets against the backdrop of a vintage advertisement for shoes. At the bottom is a femininely layered tag that reads "Charm" and sets over a strip of white paper lace. I created this in the traditional style of a trading card.

Charm was lovingly and carefully hand crafted using materials which include but are not limited to: decorative papers, vellum, beads, ribbon, Swarovski crystal and generous amounts of wishing dust.

The image area measures 2 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches high. The nice thing about this card is that it has a stand that folds out from the back so that you can set it up for display or tuck it in your album.

Clicking the photo will bring up detailed views of the piece or simply click my eBay listing to be directed to the auction for your chance to own one of your own.

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Tre Fairy Parfait presents "Magic"

Sparkling stars around me swirl, the promise of wishes, their lusterous pearl.

When I think of magic, I think of fairy tales, magic wands and the curly trail of glowing stars emanating from them. Let this 3 dimensional ACEO bless you with magic and bring you hope. I call this one Magic as her tag suggests. This mystical fairy sets against the backdrop of stripes, letters, cherubs and tree branches in shades of pink and green. She holds a magic wand in one hand and a large rose bloom in the other. The background of the card is a floral pattern in a lush shade of green . At the bottom is a femininely layered tag that reads "Magic" and is overlaid atop a strip of hand edged, paper lace. This piece was created in the traditional style of a trading card.

Clicking the image will bring up detailed photos of the piece. For your chance to purchase the item, you can click on my eBay listings to be directed to the auction.

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Wishes ~ Tre Fairy Parfait grants you your heart's desire!

A kind of whim the soul creates, thus she decides which ones manifest or wait.

Your wishes really do come from your own heart and soul and with that comes the power to see them manifest or sit on the back burner until your desire is strengthened. To help you in this endeavor is a tiny wishing fairy sent straight from the ethereal realm to grant your soul's desire. She comes to you in the form of a dimensional ACEO called Wishes. She sets against a collage of pale pinks and creams, of turquoise florals and glittery dreams. At the bottom is a femininely layered tag that reads "Wishes" and sets over a polka dot paper ribbon and hand edged pink paper lace. I created this in the traditional style of a trading card. It can be tucked away in your collection or displayed using the stand attached to the back. She will come with instructions for the spell constitute which will help you direct your energy and aid you in bringing your wish to fruition. Good luck and may all your wishes be granted!

Wishes was lovingly and carefully hand crafted using materials which include but are not limited to: decorative papers, vellum, beads, photographic images and generous amounts of wishing dust.

Click on the photo for detailed views or click on my eBay listings to be directed to the item listing for your chance to bid on this item and may all your wishes be granted!

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Cheer ~ Tre Fairy Parfait

With her presence a smile she bings, she lightens my heart and gives it wings.

In shades of purples and cheerful yellow, how can you not but feel a little happier upon seeing this cutie? I created this ACEO to help brighten your day in any weather and maybe bring a needed smile to your day.

Clicking the photo will bring up details photos of the piece. Be sure to visit my eBay listings for your chance to bid on this item.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Love ~ Tre Fairy Parfait

How does love feel to you? I created this ACEO entitled "Love" which portrays the love of a sister. Enveloped in my sister's arms, I feel love's warmth, compassion and tender charm.

This charming ACEO is part of my limited edition series in the Tre Fairy Parfait collection. Clicking on the picture will take you to detailed photos of the piece. Please see my eBay listings for your chance to bid on this lovely ACEO.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Limited Edition Originals ~ Tres Fairy Parfait!

Sensory pleasures, her greatest allure, she radiates goodness, gentle and pure.

Paper Cat Designs is proud to introduce Limited Edition Originals to my line of altered art works. What is a limited edition original? It is a single design created more than once in a limited quantity. Each piece is still hand made with the precision and quality you have come to expect from me but no two pieces will be exactly the same. ~ Tres Fairy Parfait!

You will see a lot of bows, lacy looks and layered tags in my work. I love the romanticism of the Victorian era as well as French and Italian themes. These influences show in my pieces not only in color but in the organic shapes and floral elements. What distinguishes my work from the crowd is a unique recipe that begins with unbridled passion for the craft, lots and lots of attention to detail, a heap of Virgoan perfectionism, generous portions of pride, a dash of love and a sense of humor.

Recently I have been writing rhymes to go with the pieces. I think they add a little character to my listings. I very much enjoy writing them and hope you enjoy reading them. Coming up with the rhymes challenges me to reach inside and describe what feelings or senses awaken when I think about the title or look at the piece. You might wonder how I do it. All I can say is, if your fairy wishes to reveal that to you, then it will be so. Other than that, my lips are sealed. (hehehehehe)

How can this 3 dimensional ACEO not inspire you with delight and wonder! I call her Beauty as her tag suggests. This sweet fairy sets against the backdrop of a magenta perfume label. At the bottom is a femininely layered tag that reads "Beauty" and is wrapped at the edges in hand made, pink paper lace. I created this in the traditional style of a trading card which is very a propos in this case.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Valentine Gift Box Template**Make this box!

For the low price of $2.99 am pleased to offer a Valentine's Day gift box template for personal use in your altered art crafts, decoration or give as a gift. I have put this one together to give you an idea of how this lovely box might look finished. This box is perfect for filling with candy such as conversation hearts (as shown). It is also the perfect size for packaging ACEO's for your gift exchanges or use for birthday gift cards. Of course this piece also doubles as an ornament which you can hang. The box is decorated with a French blue, floral pattern, embellished with a layered tag and placed on a coordinating awning which has been scored for dimension. The handle of the box is covered with white ribbon and carefully wrapped with a satin, blue bow. A piece of clear acetate has been placed over the window to protect your goodies and for added panache for use as an ornament. You may substitute vellum if acetate is not available to you.

The finished box measures approximately 4 inches wide by 4 3/4 inches high including the height of the handle. The depth of the piece measures approximately 5/16 of an inch not including the layered tag and awning. Actual size will vary depending upon your printer.

WHAT YOU GET: You will receive everything needed to create the box, awning and layered tag plus a set of instructions. The ribbon, acetate for the window, conversation hearts used as filler and any extra glitter or decorative paper for covering the front of the handle will be at your own discretion and are not included. The wonderful thing about templates is that you may print it as many times as needed. I recommend printing or photo copying on card stock type paper.

Buyers please instruct at time of payment which form of delivery you would like and ask before you buy to avoid problems. Click photos to be directed to detailed views of a sample finished box.

$2.99 Digital Delivery

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